Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2014: Day Two

Today got off to a rough start with writing. I didn't start writing until the afternoon and even then I only wrote for about twenty minutes before having to move on to other things. But then after my son went to sleep, I was able to start writing and I thought I'd never get on track when I finally put in a good word count and finished my first chapter! Progress! :)

Can't wait to get further in and to the "fun" parts. Romance, of course. ;) Oh, and all the other drama and excitement that will happen.

Here are my stats for today! :) Hope everyone had a great day, and for those of you participating in Camp NaNo, hope you made your word count goal today and surpassed it with flying colors. Keep up the great work! Don't give up! :)

Daily Goal: 646 words
Total Words: 1, 099
How many words over today? I went over my word count goal of 646 by 453 words. :) 

Week One Goal: 3, 876
How many more words until weekly goal is met? Only 929! That's exciting! Two days in and I'm already nearly to my first weeks goal, though it is a bit short due to this week only containing 6 days of July. But still! :P 
How many more words until monthly goal is met? 17, 053! Lower, and lower. 

Total words together: 2, 947! :) 

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