Official Bio

Amanda Kelley lives in Northwest, Florida, with her husband and two sons. By day she is ruled by little people who love to call her mommy, and by night she tries her best to work on her current writing projects. 

She's an avid reader and will devour anything Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, or Contemporary Romance.

Unofficial Bio

I was born on June 19, 1992 in Macon, Georgia, but grew up in Jacksonville, Florida after my mother followed my grandparents  from their hometown of Valdosta, Georgia. When I was little I wanted to be a singer, but my dream profession quickly changed once I learned that books were created by people and not made by magical elves.

Since then I've devoured books by the bunches and have started thousands of different stories, hoping to one day be able to call myself a published author. Not much has changed since then. I still dream of becoming a published author and making it a full time profession.

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