Saturday, April 6, 2013

BMTL Update

I know I haven't updated since March 21st, but I've been busy with edits and planning all things story related and it's just been madness! You never really know how much work you have to put into a novel until you actually finish one and the real fun begins! 

My critique partner has helped A LOT and she's introduced me to Susan Dennard's blog and her amazing Writing Advice Page. She has amazing advice on there from writing your book and all the way up to writing synopsis and query letters and agents and critique partners/beta readers! Everything is so detailed and it helps A LOT. Some of it may make me hyperventilate and stress, but it also takes a lot of stress on wondering, "What comes next?"

Her revising steps have really helped a lot. I've never been to this stage with a story before, so it's all new to me. I've followed her steps so far and have kind of created my own twists to some of it. I'm almost up to the point where it's time to get down to business and start working on the second draft. 

And not only that, but I have some other news too. I've always wondered how authors were able to have different books or series going at one time and though I'm still freaked out about that, I think I kind of understand it now.

Normally I'm a one book gal, but since I'm in the revising stages right now for Bring Me To Life, and it's my MAIN focus, I'm also working on outlining BTML book two to get that rolling and on top of that there has been a book idea in my head for months now. Since maybe around December/January and more has come up in that and now it's up to the point where I basically know what happens in all three books for that trilogy. I actually have more things worked out for the first book right now than I did when I first started BTML.

So on the side I've started planning it too. I'll be working on it, but if it starts getting in the way of my editing BMTL and on the planning stages of BMTL's sequel, then I'll have to put the other idea on hold, since, like I said, BMTL is my main focus. 

I may have a synopsis up soon for BMTL, I made myself a deadline--which I can't remember right now, I'll have to check my calendar--for it so I should be on that soon. :) 

I don't really want to say much about my new project yet, though. So maybe in a couple of months I'll be able to mention it. All I can say is so far I think it may become a trilogy, and it's paranormal with some romance, but romance isn't the MAIN focus. 

So stay tuned! And happy writing! :-)