Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Month!

It's been a month since I start my new WIP (work-in-progress) and I am farther than I expected to be. My best friend and writing buddy, Michele Byrd, and I have goals/deadlines for each week (You can see January's deadlines on the sidebar.) and then an ultimate goal to have at the end of the month. We try to at leastwrite 3,000 words a week, but we've been doing a lot more than that each week.

Our goal is to try and have our first rough draft done by July 1st, but it definitely looks like we'll be finishing before that. We've given ourselves six months to complete the rough draft. Our deadline for January 1st was to have at least 12, 000 words and we're past that.

I'm thinking I may post updates at the end of each month on the progress of this WIP. It's current title (Won't be the actual title, it's just a name I gave it from a song that is on the playlist and matches it well. :) I was tired of calling it just WIP.) is Bring Me To Life. So If I say Bring Me To Life or BMTL I'm talking about my current WIP. :)

But anyway, my goal was to be between 12K and 15K by January 1st and my current word count as of 1:15pm December 30th is 24, 646. I will update this on January 1st with my final word count for the month.

Also, I'm horrible at knowing what to tell about myself, I tend to ramble, so I may look up some interview/survey type things and add them to the blog throughout the week or so.

Update (01/01/13): I finished December 31st, 2012 with a total of27, 288 words. Officially in February deadlines, a month early!

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